Composition with NASA TESS data

Written by caroline

Throughout 2020 I developed a spatial composition using data from the NASA TESS mission. This is a continuation of the work that I have done with asteroseismological and helioseismological data since 2011 – when I discovered that scientists can measure the natural resonances or oscillations of stars. Funded by an Arts Council England DYCP grant, I was thrilled to be able to invite violinist, Fiona Brice, to work with me. Although restrictions meant that we couldn’t meet in person, we managed to collaborate using video and Fiona recorded herself playing and sent me the files.

This has been an intense and fascinating project to work on as well as a wonderful opportunity to work with an exceptionally talented musician. I have been working with both G’Audio Works in Pro Tools and Envelop in Ableton Live to develop 360° techniques that will place the listener at the centre of the work. Plans for a first performance are necessarily on hold at the moment but I am excited about the spatial qualities of the venue in which it will be performed and hopefully it won’t be too long before it is realised. My previous works with stellar and solar data include Poetics of (Outer) Space for IKON gallery, Oscillate for SOUNDWORKS, ICA and 5 Minute Oscillations of the Sun, which was shortlisted for a BASCA British Composer Award in 2013.

Photo: Fiona Brice