City of Things sound installation open in centre:mk

City of Things – my new sound installation that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the ‘new town’ of Milton Keynes is now open in centre:mk. City of Things is a 60 channel work that uses my field recordings as the starting point for composition. It features local birds, bats, mosquitos, buddhists, football fans, choirs and the voice of performance poet Murray Lachlan Young. The sound is embedded into the building itself using a system of resonators on the huge glass windows of the Grade II listed shopping centre, speakers hidden in plants and trees and sound diffused over the tannoy system.

Video about City of Things here:

One thought

  1. I am a visual merchandiser at John Lewis CMK – was excited earlier in year when ‘techs’ were testing fionics etc on glass (a long held dream of mine) – having worked on window displays for many years at the shop…
    I’ve walked past/through the installation twice a day since launch (on my way to Costas..) and have been constantly cheered up and enjoyed watching both adults and children engaging and enjoying your work – well done.
    I particularly loved the ‘fear’ on public when the football chants echoed to middleton hall – where are the hooligans!!
    One thought – could it have been proximity triggered?? i.e. react to human movement… would have been fun…. but brill anyway

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