Whistler storm

Written by caroline

I have been researching natural radio emissions such as whistlers, sferics, auroural hiss and chorus caused by space weather. I plan to use recordings of these for a new sound installation – 5 Minute Oscillations of the Sun – planned for an outdoor site in Milton Keynes this summer, supported by Milton Keynes Gallery and Arts Council England. I am enjoying long walks as far from electricity as possible with an Explorer E202 – listening to the usually inaudible electromagnetic signals that surround us. It is amazing being able to tap into these imperceptible waves and listen with “radio ears”. Paul Nicholson and Wolf Buscher monitor VLF radio signals on a 24 hour basis and make them available as a fascinating live stream.

Wolf drew attention to a whistler storm that occurred on the evening of 28th February and I plan to use his and Paul’s recordings of this event for the sound installation. Prof Bill Chaplin at BiSON has kindly supplied data relating to the acoustic modes of the sun ( the 5 Minute Oscillations) that I will be using as the basis of a more tonal composition that will mix with the electromagnetic emissions – presenting an artistic response to the electromagnetic and acoustic energy of the sun.

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