Upstairs Downstairs Musical Box

Today I sampled a musical box that plays the Godfather love theme with the idea of manipulating the fragments to create a new piece for the “meta-musical box” to play.

Once I had the fragments, however, I decided to put together a version of Upstairs Downstairs as PM on Radio 4 has been playing listeners’ versions for the past few months on the Upshares Downshares slot.


Memories of Bletchley Park

Oral History interview

Madeleine McDonald 1942
Madeleine McDonald 1942

Madeleine McDonald worked on the Bombe machines in Hut 11 at Bletchley Park between 1942 and 1945.

All those involved in the intelligence gathering and codebreaking work that took place at Bletchley Park signed the Official Secrets Act and maintained secrecy about their wartime activity for thirty years.

The work carried out at Bletchley Park is credited with shortening the war by two years. In addition, Bletchley Park is now regarded as the birthplace of the world’s first electronic computer.

Recording made on 29th October 2009 in Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire.