Recording Contract Recordings – New Art MK

New Art MK opened with a well attended preview at Milton Keynes Gallery on 7th July.

The sound installation, Recording Contract Recordings has been an opportunity for me to work with various spaces in and around the gallery and to use those spaces as an element of composition. The main sound installation is situated in the cube gallery. Every 35 minutes, a section of the piece is broadcast simultaneously inside the cube and “through the walls” into the public square, connecting inside and outside space. The section consists of tiny piano fragments recorded within the body of the piano and diffused through horn speakers into the square.


Review of Captain Ko at Pulse Festival

“A masked woman silently prepares to make a cup of tea. Performed in mime against an effective and highly realistic soundscape, it’s beautifully observed. Each movement accurate to the smallest detail. As the woman’s memory fails, however ,the simple action of making tea becomes impossible and the end result is deeply moving.”

Read full review of Captain Ko here on Glen’s Theatre Blog

Captain KO 2

Captain Ko and the Planet of Rice

Work begins on Captain Ko and the Planet of Rice – great to be working with Dancing Brick again and looking forward to new collaboration with video artist, Susanne Dietz. I am also very pleased to have made contact with Matthias Bopp, a ham radio and astronomy hobbyist in Germany, who is kindly providing us with “sounds from space” that were recorded from his Shack. Matthias’ website includes a collection of his own and others’ recordings as well as a wealth of information.

Nine Down at The Pixel Palace, Tyneside Cinema

Piece selected for Get Carter Step Sequence at The Pixel Palace, Tyneside Cinema as part of the Get Carter 40th Anniversary celebrations throughout March. “9 Down” makes use of the unusual speaker configuration in the stairwell to realise a virtual space with gulls circling at the top of the stairs and waves crashing below. An audio trailer that explores field recordings informed by Get Carter.


Phishing at MK Gallery


Phishing is an eight channel composition derived from vocal fragments and sine waves.

An exploration of human vocal utterances and spatial acoustics, Phishing is an investigation of a collection of found texts diffused through a set of found speakers. The texts claim to be from females looking for love and have been collected from the junk filter of an email inbox over a period of two years. Phishing provides a sonic response to the emails.