The Caroline Devine bridge

Written by caroline

I am absolutely thrilled that a footbridge in Old Farm Park in Milton Keynes is being named The Caroline Devine Bridge. I moved from London to Milton Keynes in 2006 and have continued to develop my sound arts practice here since that time; working initially locally, then nationally and internationally. I have found Milton Keynes to be a welcoming place and am grateful to organisations such as MK Gallery and the MK Community Foundation who have been strong supporters of my work and afforded me early opportunities to exhibit. I have also been commissioned by Bletchley Park Codebreaking Centre and The Open University.

Milton Keynes was a pioneering attempt to redefine what a city could be. The roads in Old Farm Park are named after composers. Walton Community Council recently ran a competition asking residents for suggestions and they decided to name the footbridge after a composer working in Milton Keynes. It’s an honour for my work to have been recognised in this way and I am developing a composition in response to the site. The Caroline Devine Bridge is adjacent to Holst Crescent and Caledcotte Brook babbles beneath it.